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[ (E) G# A B C# D# E F# B ]


A joyful and uplifting scale based on the tonality of E MAJOR. When played independently this scale has the flavour of a minor one. Introspective and relaxing, but as soon as the ding sounds it shows all its major shades.

The interval between the last two notes, respectively the second degree and the perfect fifth, gives the scale an airy feeling that reminds of the flight of a bird.

BIRD OF PARADISE means optimism, freedom, ability to travel and, of course, paradise on earth.


[ (E) A B C D# E F# G B ]


Based on the E HAMONIC MINOR, this scale is warm and perturbing. Very similar to the HIJAZ, commonly found in Middle Eastern music, DAHLIA has the same notes as a natural E MINOR, except the seventh degree which is raised by one semitone. The result is an augmented second between the sixth and the seventh degree that gives DAHLIA further strength, change and mystery.


[(C#) G# B C# D# E F# G# B]

Hexatonic variation of a C# MINOR, introspective and flexible at the same time. Also known as Amara, the missing 6th grade, and the presence of the 7th, make this scale sweet and a middle joyful. Iris is a flower, and gets its name by the rainbow Greek goddess.


[ (C#) G# B# C# D# E# F# G# C# ]

This scale is a Hexatonic variation of the C# MAJOR.

Amusing and happy, it’s called BLUE BELL just like the fairy thimble flower.


[ (F) A C D E F G B C ]


Magical and uncanny, this scale is a F LYDIAN that jumps to the third major grade. The tritone makes this scale mysterious, but still joyful, since the lydian mode is a major scale with the fourth degree raised half step, making an augmented fourth. The ORCHID, symbol of toughfulness and beauty, perfectly represents this delicate yet harsh scale.


[ (C#)  G# B C# D# E# F# G# B C# ]


Hexatonic variation of the C# MIXOLYDIAN, this scale is bright and very flexible, just pure fun.

We’ve dedicated this magical sound model to Peony, symbol of love and beauty.

At the moment it is the only 9 notes model we make.

In several languages the translation of PEONY is “the most beautiful” and we just cannot desagree! 


[(D) A Bb C D E F G A]


A Classic: the D MINOR scale enchanted many players from all over the globe, becoming surely one of the most popular.

Our version of this marvelous and introspective key is dedicated to the LOTUS flower, symbol of devotion and mysticism in many cultures from every continent.


[ (D#) G# A B# C# D# E F# G# ]


A very mysterious, romantic and dark sound model.

DATURA is based on C# HARMONIC MINOR key, and it becomes even more transcendental once you play the D central note #(second degree of this scale).

The DATURA flower, connected to the sacred and the divine, is well know for its magical properties.

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