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We are based in Milan and we make handpans.

We love to do it with our hands, step by step. We believe in the uniqueness of each instrument. We think that the only way to achieve this is to put love, care and patience into every single hit that a sheet of metal requires to sound like it should. 

The whole artisanal process to create an Elaia handpan takes several weeks: the notes acquire their presence and coherence from the hammer to the oven. We work over and over again to make sure we refine the timber.

The handpan is a middle range instrument, but we have focused on the quality of the bass frequencies too. 

Thanks to accurate research of the right material, the “clack” (equivalent to the snare) and the percussive sounds are dry and loud.

Our pleasure is to guarantee Elaia’s features and quality, and ensure that every instrument bear its own musical character and so to sound as distinctly unique as the artist who plays it.


Our inspiration is our own name: Elaia means “olive” in ancient Greek.The olive tree, because of its own magnificent features, is a symbol of tenaciousness, resiliency, strength. Even more so, it is the symbol of union, peace and harmony.



Mumi & Ale

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