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Do you ship worldwide?


What scales are available?

Please check                             on the menu.

Do you provide Elaia handpans with a case?

Sure. With each instrument we give you a beautiful and comfortable softcase we developed with our artisans.


If you want to check how it's made,

In alternative, we can give you a hard case with a little extra from 

How big is an Elaia handpan? 

Diameter: 55 cm (20.8 inches)  

Height: 26 cm (10.2 inches)

How long does it take you to produce and deliver an handpan?

It depends on the waiting list we have. Please write to us.

How much is an Elaia handpan?

It depends on the model and number of notes. Please write to us.

What are Elaia handpans made of? 

We have 3 options: “FERRO DOLCE (Sweet Steel), STAINLESS STEEL and EMBER STEEL.

How can I choose the scale that fits me the most?

Choosing the scale is one of the most exciting moments in a player’s life: take your time and check all the videos in the                             section above, possibly with your headphones. If you wish, you more than welcome to visit our workshop in order to try our sound models. Just write to us.

what color is elaia?

It may change according to technical requirements. The thermo process we use, gives life to shades of green, violet, blue, grey. 

How do I take care of my handpan?

After every playing session you should use a microfiber cloth to remove any trace of grease.

Once a month we recommend you clean the instrument with alcohol and put protective oil on it, as Phoenix.

Avoid exposition to direct sunlight and store the instrument in a dry place. If you need to leave the handpan

in the case for more than 3 days we recommend you leave the zip open in order to avoid humidity.

Do you retune handpans?

Yes we do!

I want to play the handpan. How can I learn?

We recommend you log on to masterthehandpan

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